Rockford Recycle Center                   4665 Hydraulic Road


                                       Our Mission is to improve the environment                                                                                through education, public awareness                                                                                             and community involvement.


          Public Hours:  2 pm-5 pm Tuesdays & 9 am-Noon Saturdays                This is an all-volunteer project. You can make a difference!                      Your help for two hours or more would be appreciated. 

                  To volunteer, call Roxanne, Volunteer Coordinator at                                 815-637-1343 or sign up online for Rockford

                *Please note: there are small program fees for TVs or                  computer monitors of $15-$25 depending on the size & a                                         $20 refrigerant removal fee. 

                                                 (credit/debit cards preferred)   

               **The Illinois Electronic Products Recycling and Reuse Act,                   effective Jan. 1, 2012, prohibits disposing of unwanted                       electronics in the regular trash for burial in landfills.



 Keep Northern Illinois Beautiful Recycle Center Closure Policy

Weather Closings for Safety of Volunteers

The Recycle Centers will be closed when the heat index is predicted be 95 degrees or higher  –  or if the predicted wind chill is 0 degrees or lower – or if severe storm (thunderstorm, lightning, tornado possibility, snow or ice storm, hard rain/wind) is predicted or present.

Please check Facebook, the website, or call

815-637-1343 to check for closing.

 See Green Guide for what we take at the Rockford Recycle Center & what is taken at                            the Hazardous Waste site at the 3333 Kishwaukee location. 

For information on what your garbage haulers accept, click “FIND YOUR LOCATION”   to be directed to

Business Partners:

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