Propane (Pressurized) Tanks

Propane tanks, such as used on gas grills, can be refilled at numerous locations. Check local grocery or hardware stores and propane providers for refilling/trade-in options.

The compressed gas contained in these tanks is dangerous and can be explosive. Do not attempt to release the gas into the air.

Tanks must be properly disposed of in accordance with Illinois State Law; however they are NOT accepted at the Rockford Household Hazardous Waste Site (although they may be accepted at other Hazardous Waste Collection sites in other parts of the state.)

Smaller Gas or Propane Cylinders

Single-use propane gas cylinders, (16.4 oz and others used with camping stoves, lamps, etc.,) cannot be refilled and are NOT able to be recycled locally.

Safety instructions for making sure small tanks are empty or using the Coleman® Green Key® tool.

20-lb Grill-sized Tanks, Empty, Can Be Recycled at Limited Locations

Call first to confirm acceptance, hours.


DeKalb, 815-758-5416
1901 Pleasant St.

Behr Iron and Metals

Rockford, 815-987-2680 
1100 Seminary St.
South Beloit, 815-389-2014 
201 Wheeler Ave.

Cimco Resources, Inc.

Must have valve removed and/or hole cut in tank to verify it is empty
Loves Park815-986-7211  
1616 Windsor Rd.

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