Glass Bottles and Jars:

It is estimated that it will take about 1,000,000 years (that’s one million years) for glass to decompose.  Broken pieces of ancient Roman glass, known to be over 2,000 years old, has been unearthed in excavations and is being refashioned and sold as jewelry!

Modern recycling methods mean that most glass bottles and jars can be recycled countless times.  They will never wear out.  Recycling methods also now melt the glass and reform it into other shapes.

For Reuse:

Bottles and jars may be refilled with other fluids after washing.  Be sure to label the container with the contents.  Other jars can be used for storage of items such as paper clips, as a pencil holder, to hold screws, washers, nuts, bolts and other items in a workshop.  Larger jars can be used a flower vases.  They may be covered with decorative paper, painted or otherwise decorated and used in various ways as centerpieces.

For Recycling:

Keep Northern Illinois Beautiful has resumed accepting glass jars and containers on Saturday, May 18, 2019 after forming a new partnership with Rock River Disposal Company.  Please wash the glass containers!!  

Window Glass and Plate Glass:

Window glass and plate glass is not recyclable in the Rockford area.

Complete windows may be reuseable at the following.  Always call first for complete information.

Rockford Habitat for Humanity Restore