Food Pantries

The following locations will accept donations of food for distribution to those in need.  They will also reuse plastic or paper grocery bags:

Cornucopia Food Pantry

Address:              402 Market Street, Rockford
Phone:                 815-962-1380

Life Center

Address:             921 West State Street, Rockford
Phone:                815-964-4966

Northern Illinois Food Bank

Address:              320 S Avon St., Rockford – IL
Phone:                815-961-7283

Rock River Valley Pantry

Address:            1080 Short Elm St., Rockford
Phone:               815-965-2466
Address:           1100 Broadway, Rockford
Phone:               815-965-1086

Salvation Army Social Services

Address:           416 S. Madison St., Rockford
Phone:              815-972-1135

Boone County Food Pantry

Address:           200 South Fifth St., Capron, IL
Phone:             815-979-5412
Last Update:   02/03/12