Clothing and soft goods, regardless of condition, do not  need to be discarded in the garbage/landfill.

Even stained or damaged items can be recycled, if they cannot be redistributed as wearable clothing.

Donations of reusable clothing are accepted by many organizations. Some re-sell the donated items, with profits going to support the organizations’ programs. Others re-distribute items directly to those in need. An organization should be able to provide its plan for redistribution.

Receipts to be used to document tax deductions should be available at the time of donation. IRS donation regulations apply. Consult your financial advisor or the organization for more information.

Recycling and/or Redistribution:

Keep Northern Illinois Beautiful Recycle Centers and Clothing Drives collect all types of soft goods, year-round.

Acceptable items should be clean, but may have rips, tears, stains or broken parts.

  • Men’s, women’s, or children’s clothing and outerwear
  • Shoes, boots
  • Belts, leather accessories
  • Linens
  • Purses, briefcases, backpacks
  • Stuffed (plush) toys
  • Fabric
  • Yarn
  • Pillows
  • Throw rugs (no carpet or padding)
  • Soft-sided luggage

Place items in plastic bags and drop off at Keep Northern Illinois Beautiful locations convenient to you.

Items in good, usable condition may be redistributed in the U.S. or worldwide.

Items no longer able to be worn or used for their original purpose can be re-manufactured into fiberfill products such as carpet padding, polishing rags and more.

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More Clothing Donation Sites (for resale or re-distribution)

Examples of other organizations which may accept donations of clothing.





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