Carpet & Carpet Padding

Carpeting, both from commercial and residential sites, is generally not recyclable and is usually land filled. The biggest problem is that the carpet facing is made out of different fibers, and most carpet recyclers only accept particular types. Some large businesses or institutions in the Chicago area have a carpet-recycling program, however, none exist in the Northern Illinois area.

The most reusable part of the carpet is the non-fiber material that comes from the padding or backing.

For Reuse:

Use the classified ads to buy or sell used carpet.  It can be reused on the floor of cars, trucks, boats, fish houses and household utility rooms

Rockford Habitat for Humanity Restore     (Accepts only new carpet with no stains or odors)

Salvage Too/Rockford Re-Use Center          (Call first)

For Recycling:  (Chicago area information)

Last Updated: 01/18/12