Automotive Fluids, Tires, Parts

It is illegal to place brake fluid, motor oil, oil filters, power steering fluid, or transmission fluid in the garbage, on the land, in water, down a sewer, or in the storm drain.  It is Illegal to dump automobile tires.

Some automotive service stations accept automotive fluids and motor oil filters,  Call first.

Some tire shops will safely dispose of tires.  They are required by Illinois Law to charge a minimal disposal fee.  Call first.

Fluids and up to four (4) tires may be safely disposed of at:

Houshold Hazardous Waste Site

Motor Oil Disposal

Most Oil Change Shops will accept your used motor oil for disposal.  Call first.

NAPA Auto Parts Stores advertise that they will accept used motor oil without charge.

Advance Auto Parts
5405 E. State Street
Rockford, IL

Rockton Marine Service
11949 Main St.,
Roscoe, IL

General Auto Parts
715 Kennon Rd.
Rockford, IL
Accepts Motor Oil & Transmission Fluid

Automotive parts may be taken to the following:

Behr Iron & MetalErickson’s

Last Update:  08/20/13