Christmas Tree Recycling

Drop-off trees January 1-15, 2020


Natural Christmas trees are recyclable and renewable resource.

  • Recycling trees conserve valuable landfill space

  • Return vital nutrients to the earth

  • Beautify landscapes


Free mulch, self-serve,  while supplies last or until the end of February.

Wreaths are not accepted due to wireframes.


Since 1988, more than 750,000 trees have been collected and processed into tons of reusable mulch.

Mulch may be retrieved at any of 12 locations, using your own containers and shovels, for as long as it lasts at each chipping site. Availability is not guaranteed. Any extra mulch is cleared away no later than March 1 for use in parks and by cities, townships, or tree farms.

Pine mulch is excellent for landscaping near acid-loving plants such as roses, lilacs, azaleas, rhododendrons, hydrangeas, and evergreens. Other uses include ground cover for walkways and fence rows. When bringing your tree to one of the sites listed here be sure that you remove the stand and all ornaments. If you transport your tree in a plastic tree bag, sheet, or blanket (to keep the needles from dropping in the house), please do not leave the plastic or cloth at the drop site.