Neighborhoods that are beautiful to look at are beautiful to live in, work in, and visit.

Pruning and planting trees and flowers, landscaping, graffiti abatement, and cleanups are all beautification initiatives that have an immediate positive effect on how a neighborhood is perceived. People and businesses move in and stay in, and tourism flourishes.

How Trees Make a Difference?

Chicago’s urban tree canopy annually removes

    • 15 metric tons of carbon monoxide
    • 84 metric tons of sulfur dioxide
    • 89 metric tons of nitrogen dioxide
    • 191 metric tons of ozone
    • 212 metric tons of particulates

(Source: “Parks as Lungs ” by Roddy Scheer)

Shade trees, during the summer, can save up to 50% of air conditioning costs.

In Winter, windbreak trees can reduce heating bills as much as 30%.

The National Arbor Day Foundation reminds us that trees create oxygen, prevent ground runoff, create habitats for wildlife, and play a large part in regulating climate change.

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