For Reuse:

Moving boxes can be a hot commodity.  Ask around before recycling to find someone who will take them for reuse.  Reuse boxes for mailing, moving, and storage.

For Recycling:

Boxboard (Chipboard):

Generally used for cereal boxes, cracker boxes, pasta boxes, cake mix boxes, shoe boxes, gift boxes & electronics boxes.  Boxes from toothpaste, medications and other toiletries.

Corrugated Boxes:
This heavier cardboard box is used to transport large appliances or small bulk items.

Both types of boxes are recyclable.  For curbside recycling, contact your local waste hauler for instructions.

Recycling in Rockford:    

Rock River Disposal Service 

If curbside recycling is not available:

Keep Northern Illinois Beautiful Recycling Center

Last Update: 01/17/14