Air Conditioners

Air conditioners, both window units and installed, contain Freon, a substance which can contaminate the groudwater and is poisonous to humans and pets.

It is illegal to place air conditioners in the trash. It is also illegal to cut a freon line and evacuate this substance onto the ground.


Salvage Too/Rockford Reuse Center


Some businesses are licensed to properly dispose of  appliances containing Freon and other hazardous substances and recycling parts or by collecting appliances for a recycler.

Most garbage haulers offer pickup of properly tagged (free of freon) appliances for a fee.

Contact your local garbage hauler for more information.

When purchasing a new appliance ask if the retailer will take the old one and dispose of it properly.

Air conditioners are accepted ONLY at the Keep Northern Illinois Beautiful ROCKFORD Recycle Center for a $20 fee, cash, to decant the Freon.